What’s the fastest way to build muscle and burn fat?

The fastest way to build muscle and burn fat is to CONSISTENTLY follow a SINGLE diet plan and a SINGLE training plan UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOALS

Now, I know that sounds like a BS answer, but tell me this:

How many times have you started a cutting diet and switched to a bulk before you got really cut because you were afraid you were losing too much size?

Then you started getting bigger and stronger again, but you switched back to a cutting diet when you realized that you were gaining fat as well as muscle?

So you kept switching from cutting to bulking to cutting to bulking and, as a result, you never got really lean, nor did you ever get very big or strong . . .

How about your training plan, are you at least consistent there?

Or were you lifting weights one day when you saw a guy doing calisthenics and thought “Wow, that’s real strength!” and gave up weights entirely?

Then, a few days later saw a guy doing heavy deadlifts or bench press and thought “You can’t get that kind of strength without weights” and went back to only using weights?

Then, a few days later you tried to do some pullups or handstand pushups and couldn’t and thought “Damn, I need to start doing functional training again!”

So you switched back and forth between bodyweight and free weight exercises and, as a result, you never got really strong, nor were you ever able to do any particularly difficult calisthenics exercises . . .

There’s nothing wrong with slowly getting leaner and more muscular over an extended period of time

Listen, nobody’s saying you shouldn’t find your maintenance level of calories, do a combination of strength and cardiovascular training and SLOWLY build muscle and burn fat by making slight adjustments to your caloric intake.

As a matter of fact, slowly getting leaner and more muscular is usually the best way for most people to go.

There’s also nothing wrong with combining weights and calisthenics movements.

A workout built around weighted pullups, dips and squats with some cardio added in is probably the best way to go for overall strength, health and athleticism.

BUT there certainly is something wrong with switching between extreme low-calorie diets and extreme high-calorie diets

Its just a waste of time to diet or to go to the gym without having a plan or sticking to the plan.

It doesn’t even matter which diet or workout plan you decide to stick to either.

The fact is that ANY REASONABLE DIET WILL WORK if you stick to it consistently, just like any reasonable workout plan will work if you stick to it consistently.

What is most important is that you decide for yourself:
1.  What your goal is right now (lose fat, gain muscle, get strong)
2.  Which diet is best suited for that goal and your personality (lifestyle, work / school schedule, foods you like, etc.)
3.  Which workout plan will help you achieve that goal most efficiently

Then just stay on that one diet and that one workout plan until you’ve achieved that one goal!

Let’s take an example from someone who has achieved MASSIVE success in several different areas of his life — Arnold Schwarzenegger

He’s the greatest bodybuilder who ever lived

He’s the most famous action star and the best paid actor ever

He held the highest public office that a foreign-born politician could possibly have in the United States

How did he do it?  Did he multi-task?  Did he workout in the gym in the morning, take acting lessons in the afternoon and attend political rallies in the evening?


He concentrated 100% on being the greatest bodybuilder ever.  Then one day he asked himself why he’s standing in his underwear in front of hundreds of people, flexing his muscles . . . “Is this all there is to life?”

So he retired from bodybuilding as the greatest bodybuilder ever and devoted himself 100% to being the most famous action star and best paid actor ever.  Then one day he asked himself why he’s standing around in a graveyard at three o’clock in the morning, shooting a gun and yelling I’ll be back . . . “Is this all there is to life?”

So he retired from acting as the most famous action star and the highest paid actor ever and devoted himself to being the greatest politician that he could be.

This is what you have to do if you really want to achieve greatness

Write down right now on a piece of paper everything you want to achieve.  All the identities you want to have:  Do you want to be the most ripped person in the world, the richest person in the world, the most educated person in the world, the greatest landowner in the world?  Whatever it is you want to achieve, write it all down.

Now that you know everything that you want to achieve, choose what you want to achieve FIRST.  Which of those goals is most important to you RIGHT NOW

Concentrate ALL YOUR EFFORTS on your number one priority.  Shelf everything else.  Forget all of your other goals for the moment and dedicate yourself to doing everything you can to achieve that one goal.  Ignore everything else and make sure that everything you do brings you closer to achieving this one goal.

Continue working 100% towards achieving your number one goal until you have achieved it.  Then you can start working towards other goals, but not until you have first achieved that first, most important goal.

REMEMBER:  Multi-tasking is a waste of time and trying to achieve two goals at the same time usually means that you won’t achieve either one!

That’s it for today, until next time, go out there and be awesome!


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