What vitamins do I take on Vince Gironda’s steak & eggs diet?

I’ve been asked what vitamins I take while I’m on Vince Gironda’s steak & eggs diet.

Well, first of all, let me say that meat and whole eggs (WITH the yolk) are not only great sources of protein and fat, but of many micronutrients as well . . .

As a matter of fact, people can and have lived exclusively on red meat without eating any plants or man-made vitamin supplements!

That being said, there are several supplements that I take while I’m on any diet, including the steak and eggs diet —  The vitamins I take on any diet are:

A Multi-Vitamin / Mineral Tablet
I take a basic “one-a-day”, no special brand, just making sure I cover all bases here

1 gram, three times a day. I’m almost 41 years old and still do HIIT cardio workouts that would kill an average 18-year old and I think that one of the major reasons why I have aged so well is because I have been taking so much Vita-C every day for years.

I also can’t remember the last time I was really sick, even though I workout hard and sometimes limit my calories, both of which weaken your immune system.

Fish Oil
Like the multi-vit, I’m just trying to cover all bases here with my EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), even though I get more than enough fat from my diet.

Liver Tabs
Not tablets for my liver’s health, like milk thistle, these are actual pieces of liver, compressed into tablets.

Vince Gironda and Rheo Blair, two of the major nutritional gurus of the 50’s-70’s were both big proponents of liver tabs for their B-vitamins and iron content.

My girlfriend is anemic and has been ordered by her doctor to take supplemental iron and vitamin B, but get an upset stomach when she takes them. When she takes liver tabs she gets the same benefits, but her body assimilates them better, without the digestive problems.

I take one tab for every 10-lbs of lean bodyweight. Right now that’s six tabs, three times a day!

Digestive Enzymes
Another thing that Gironda and Blair agreed upon is the use of supplemental digestive enzymes.

Their idea was that it doesn’t matter how perfect your diet is, if you don’t digest all of it.

I recently started taking “Doctor’s Best” brand “Best Digestive Enzymes”.

My first experience with digestive enzymes was with Multi Enzymes from Vitamin Shoppe and I certainly noticed the difference, but they also contained added HCL(stomach acid), which certainly helped my digestion, but also caused problems with my digestive system over time. I then switched to Plant Enzymes from NOW, which didn’t have and HCL, but didn’t seem to work very well for me . . .

Well, I looked into the NOW tablets and saw that they are very UNDERdosed compared to some other brands, so I started using the Doctor’s Best tablets a few days ago — they seem to be the best of both worlds, because they have large doses of the enzymes that I need, without the HCL that bothers my digestive system.

A SUGAR FREE Fiber Supplement
This is probably my favorite supplement!

Gironda recommended that you eat 1-2 salads a day to get enough fiber, but I don’t like buying and preparing salads, which also spoil on me too fast, so I prefer to take a psyllium husk supplement.

Although the instructions say to take two teaspoons, three times a day, I just take six teaspoons all at once at night and have had great results.It might be interesting to note that Vince Gironda was also a big proponent of psyllium husk for two reasons:
1. A healthy intestine makes for a healthy person
2. Because the intestine is responsible for so much of the digestive process, keeping it clean will increase your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Well, that's it. Those are the supplements that I take every day.
Until next time, train hard and take your supplements!

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