The steak & eggs diet without beef?

I’ve been asked several times by my newsletter subscribers if its possible to follow Vince Gironda’s ketogenic steak and eggs diet without eating beef.

Some people choose not to eat beef for personal reasons, others simply can’t afford to eat steak, or even ground beef every day.  Does that mean they can’t enjoy the many benefits of the steak and eggs diet?

Of course not!  It will just take a little preparation on your part, here’s what you need to keep in mind when planing your meals:


The steak & eggs diet won’t work with lean meat!

Most people depend on carbohydrates for energy.

If you take all of the carbohydrates out of your diet, you’ll need to get your energy somewhere and that’s where the high fat content of steak and eggs comes in.

Just eating chicken or fish won’t work because they are too lean.  Both meats are great sources of protein, but they don’t contain enough fat to provide you with the energy you need to fuel your workouts and rebuild your muscles after training.


So, how do you create a non-beef meal that will work as well as steak & eggs?

Let’s take a look at the macronutrient profile of 200g (about 1/2 pound) of 90% lean beef:
352 calories — 40g protein — 0g carbs — 20g fat

Two cans of tuna provide 44g of quality protein, but only 200 calories and about 2g of fat.

That’s too few calories and not nearly enough fat, BUT, if you were to add two tablespoons of mayonnaise, you would end up with these macros:
380 calories — 44g protein — 0g carbs — 20g fat

Now that’s more like it!

I’m not a chicken salad kind of guy, but I can imagine that you can do the same by adding mayo to your chicken breasts.


Eat your protein and drink your fat

For those who don’t know what it is, half & half is a 50-50 mixture of milk and cream.

Its high-fat and low-carb, here are the macros for 1 fluid ounce of half & half:
39 calories — 1g protein — 1g carbs — 3g fat

That means, you can eat any lean protein source you want and make up for the lack of fat by drinking 6 fl. oz. of half & half, which would add 18g fat and 234 calories.


Save your fat for dessert!

Ok, FULL DISCLOSURE I haven’t tried this one yet.  When I do, I’ll be sure to post a video about it.

I was in Sam’s Club yesterday, looking at the heavy cream when I saw the instructions for whipping heavy cream into whipped cream and I thought:  “Why not make a high-protein, high-fat desert by adding protein powder to heavy cream and whipping it into a sort of pudding?”

Like I said, I haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds like a great evening meal to eat while watching some TV.

Also, by controlling the amount of heavy cream and protein powder, you can adjust the macronutrient ratios to fit your diet perfectly.

There you go, those are three ways to stick to Vince Gironda's steak & eggs diet without eating beef!


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