Project Abs 2015

Welcome to “Project Abs 2015”

Almost exactly 1 year ago, I used the Anaerobixx program to lose over thirty pounds in four months and be in the leanest, most muscular condition of my life for my fourtieth birthday.

Now, after trying several different diets over the past year (including lean and dirty bulking) and an injury related layoff (aka, an excuse to over eat) I am once again, anything but ripped.

Well, I’m getting ripped again and this time I’m going to document my transformation in a series of videos on my YouTube channel to show you guys what I do every step of the way.

I’ll cover shopping, full days of eating, weekly measurements and how I change my diet based on my progress.

So subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep an eye on the playlist “Project Abs 2015” for daily updates starting tomorrow.

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