Online Personal Training

Human beings are strong because we have
the ability to change ourselves
-- Saitama, The One Punch Man

Are you serious about experiencing the satisfaction of having a lean, muscular physique? Are you serious about enjoying the respect from men and the admiration from women that comes with having a body that even an A-list Hollywood celebrity would envy?


What my online personal training includes

  • An custom-made initial training and diet plan based upon your answers to my questionaire.  These plans will be tailor-made for each individual trainee, not cookie-cutter templates!
  • Weekly check-ins with me so I know when to change your training and nutrition.  I'll send you a series of questions, you'll send me the answers and I'll be able to judge whether the training is too much for you right now or not enough and if the diet plan is just right to fuel your workouts, while keeping you as lean as possible.
  • Twenty-four hour email access to me!  In addition to the scheduled weekly check-ins, you will have my personal email address for any questions that happen to "pop-up" during the week.  I will answer as many questions as I can, as fast as possible, but I can guarantee at least one complete answer per client every 24 hours.

What my training DOESN'T include!

  • Bodybuilding or physique show preparation -- I can get you in as close to "Hollywood condition" as your genetic limitations will allow and keep you in that shape, but I don't train people to "look great -- feel terrible" for one day and then balloon up afterwards
  • Steroid or PED (performance enhancing drug) advice -- I don't use steroids, nor have I ever and I don't promote their use, either
  • Medical advice -- I am not a doctor and ONLY A DOCTOR should be advising people with known medical conditions, such as diabitis, heart conditions, pregnant women, etc.

Your training and nutritional plans will be based upon how many days per week you can train and how long you can devote to each session and your current physical abilities.

Likewise, your diet plan will be based upon how many times a day you can eat and how drastically you are willing to change your current dietary habits.

What equipment do you need to follow my workouts?

  • If your main goal is to lose fat and increase endurance while defining your muscles, you'll just need some space on the floor to perform jumping exercises (plyometrics and Burpees) and a jump rope.
  • If your main goal is to increase muscle mass and strength while remaining lean, you'll need access to a pullup bar and a pair of gymnastic rings / suspension trainer.

Two months (8 weeks) of online personal traning and diet coaching for $300
($150 / month)

Four months (16 weeks) of online personal traning and diet coaching for $500
($125 / month)

Six months (24 weeks) of online personal traning and diet coaching for $600
($100 / month)

The next 60-180 days will pass whether you decide to go after your dream body or not — what do you want your life to be like in a few months?

As soon as your payment is processed by Paypal, the world’s best-known and most trusted online payment processing company, you’ll immediately be sent my questionaire per email.  Please fill it out and get it back to me as soon as possible so I can get to work on your diet and training plans right away!

Your first official day of training will be the Monday after you recieve your workout and diet plan, your first check-in will be on that Saturday.  This is to ensure that everyone gets their full training with me, regardless of which day of the week they placed their order.

You may pay with a credit card or Paypal, whichever you choose.

IMPORTANT:  Due to the nature of the effort I put into creating these plans, I cannot provide refunds for people who decide mid-way through the program that they simply don't feel like putting the necessary work into achieve their goals.

Please don't order this program unless you're serious about attaining the body of your dreams!