Is life about finding yourself or is life about creating yourself?

Michael Jordan, the least talented professional basketball player of all time

When you consider all that he has accomplished in the NBA, you would almost think that Michael Jordan was a child prodigy.

The sort of kid who could dribble a basketball before he could walk, who was already being scouted by college and pro teams in his freshman year of high school and who didn’t even go to college because he was offered a multi-million dollar NBA contract before he was old enough to legally drink.

You might have thought that, but you would have been wrong if you did . . .

The truth is that Michael Jordan is one of the least talented pros ever to play the game.

Michael Jordan is so lacking in natural talent that he couldn't even make his high school team at first.  He eventually made his high school and college teams, but it took him about three times as long to get drafted into the NBA than most "superstars" and even when he did get his chance to go pro, he wasn't considered anything special at first.

When Michael Jordan was told he wasn't good enough to play on his high school team, he went home and cried.

He could have said: "I suck at hoops . . . well, there's always barber college", but instead he persevered and built himself into the best player the sport has ever seen.

Far from "accepting reality" and giving up on his dreams, he started training alone, ON HIS OWN, twice a day, every day and not only didn't stop when he made the school team, he kept this work ethic up even after he became the greatest basketball player of all time.

Michael Jordan isn't an exception, either.  Some of the world's greatest athletes lack any natural talent whatsoever in the sports they excel in.

David Beckham, who sucked at soccer and Georges St. Pierre, a skinny white guy from Canada who used to get beat up on the regular by bullies

David Beckham is at best a less than average soccer player.

The only way he was able to become a world-famous soccer player who not only gets paid more to play than his talented competitors, but also gets very lucrative modeling and endorsement contracts is by using an unfair advantage.  The advantage that David Beckham used to establish himself as a world-class soccer player was his willingness to put more time and effort into practice than anyone else on any of the teams he ever played on.

He would show up early for practice, stay long after all the other players had left and do anything else he could to put in more time and get more training in than the rest of the team.

Georges St. Pierre is a skinny little white guy from Canada who got his ass kicked by bullies on the regular while in school.

He first studied Kyokushin Karate, then got into the still relatively new sport of mixed martial arts, training full-time, even though he had to work one or two menial jobs to make ends meet.

St. Pierre once mentioned in an interview that he often hears young fighters complaining about having to work and not being able to train full-time, but he used to be outside in the cold Canadian winter air every day, hanging on the back of a garbage truck long before the crack of dawn and then would still spend the rest of the day training for his future as an Ultimate Fighting Champion.

Because mixed martial arts were still relatively unknown when he started training, especially in Canada where he lives, he had to drive for hours in an unheated car to get to the people who could teach him the skills he needed to learn.

He had no competitive wrestling experience, but still saw to it that he developed the ability to out-wrestle many top-level American MMA superstars who had years of high school and college wrestling training.

Even after he "made it" and had won the UFC Welterweight Title, he still relentlessly sought the competitive edge.

Whether he was improving his conditioning by sprinting and running intervals with the best track teams in Canada or learning gymnastics and bodyweight strength training at an age when most world-class gymnasts' careers start to fade, Georges St. Pierre never accepted any circumstances other than those that he created for himself.

So, why haven't you created the life you wanted for yourself?

What's your excuse?

Why aren't you happy with the life you're living?

Of course there are reasons why you aren't where you want to be, but the world is full of highly successful people who also had very valid reasons why they shouldn't have succeeded and still didn't let that them stop them from achieving greatness, so your reasons are nothing more than excuses.

Lets say you, for instance, want to become a world-class gymnast.  Did you really try to live your dreams or did you just jump onto a makeshift pair of rings, try to do an iron cross, almost rip your shoulder apart and decide that you could never be any good?

Yuri van Gelder demonstrating a perfect iron cross on the rings . Contrary to popular belief, he couldn't do this the first time he tried . . .

If you're not where you want to be in life, it's because you DIDN'T do it, not because you COULDN'T!

Those who actually do achieve greatness often start out in less-than-perfect circumstances, too, but, instead of accepting defeat before even trying, they say "Fuck being realistic, I WILL accomplish this come hell or high water!"

You see, life isn't about being, it's about becoming.

Life isn't lived to its fullest by thinking "What can I do right now with what I've got right here?"

Life is lived to its fullest by thinking "What life do I want to lead, regardless of my current circumstances and what do I have to do to change my circumstances to accommodate that life?"

If you really want to change your life, follow these steps that will guarantee your success

1.  Decide which ONE AREA of your life you want to be more successful in than 90% of the world population

If you're not successful, it is almost certainly because you're wasting your time dabbling in several hobbies, instead of excelling in a single passion.

There are only 24 hours in a day that you can use to learn about your passion and to apply that knowledge and, the more focused your efforts are, the more effective they will be.


2.  Create a plan using the knowledge you have RIGHT NOW

Two hours and not a second more!  After that, I want you to take your plan, no matter what it looks like and start implementing it.

Why the rush?

Simple, if you don't start today, you probably never will and if the first draft of your plan isn't finished within an hour or two, it probably will be forgotten, along with your goal.

The time limit is to keep you from letting your fears and laziness become disguised as "preparation time".

What is that you say?  You don't know enough to make a plan to achieve your goals and can't acquire enough knowledge in two hours?

BULLSHIT!!  Everyone reading this knows enough about his goal to make a ROUGH DRAFT of his plan to achieve it.

Remember, this is just a ROUGH DRAFT of the INITIAL STEPS you will take to achieve your goal.  It can and will change as you progress, so it doesn't have to be perfect, right now all that's important is that you get started.

Let's say you want to get ripped abs and broad shoulders, but say you don't know how to make a nutritional or training plan to get yourself there.

Well, tell me this, do you think you should be drinking soda if you want to get ripped?  No?  How about eating junk food, fast food, cake and candy?  No?

Well that's the first (very) rough draft of the nutritional program that will get you the body you want, a piece of paper with these words on it:  "I won't drink soda, eat junk food, fast food, cake or candy for the next twelve months".

Is that diet perfect?  No!  Is it enough to get you ripped?  Probably not, BUT let me tell you what it is -- It's about 1000 times better than the diet that you are following now and will get you about 1000 times farther towards achieving your goal, too!

You don't know how to work out to get ripped abs and broad shoulders?

Well, unless you're on crutches, you can walk 15 minutes a day, Monday-Friday and do one set of pushups every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Once again, this workout program probably won't get you a role in the next Magic Mike movie, but it will get you one hell of a lot farther than waiting around on the sofa for the perfect workout plan.


3.  Start implementing your plan RIGHT NOW!!

Even if you don't actually start working towards your goal until tomorrow, you can get everything you need today, so you won't have the excuse that you can't start tomorrow because you need to prepare.

Even if it's just buying a pair of running shoes, buying bottled water to drink instead of soda or getting some Tupperware to use to bring your healthy food to work in, make 100% sure that you DO SOMETHING TODAY TO GET STARTED!

Setting off to achieve your goals is all about momentum and the only way to get momentum is to get moving now -- Remember, "The future starts today, not tomorrow"


4.  Don't stop for at least twelve months!!

According to the classic book "Think and Grow Rich", super-successful goal-achiever Henry Ford was described as a man who "made up his mind quickly and changed it slowly".

You're not a fucking kid anymore, so stop changing your mind about "what you want to be when you grow up" every two weeks!

You can and should CHANGE YOUR PLAN as you gain knowledge and experience, but you cannot CHANGE YOUR GOAL or stop executing your plan at all for at least one year.

We all know that most of success is just showing up, so make sure you show up every hour of every day and continue following your plan to the letter, even if your improvement slows or stops.

Remember, ANYTHING that you to achieve your goal is not only better than nothing, it is also more than you have ever done before in your life and will get you further towards your goal than you have ever been before.

If you have ever failed at a goal that you didn't exert consistent, daily effort towards for at least one year, it wasn't a failure, you just quit!

That’s it for today, until next time, go out there and be awesome!


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