Full day of low-carb, high-fat ketogenic dieting

This is an overview of my current cutting diet as of yesterday, October 6, 2015.

It is BASED UPON the “steak and eggs diet” created by Vince Gironda, but it is not an exact copy.  Its just what I have found works best for me.


Meal #1

5 raw eggs
5 fluid ounces half & half
40g protein — 5g carbs — 38g fat — 545 calories
Supplements:  200mg 5-HTP, 2 fish oil capsuls, 2g vitamin C, 1 multivitimin

Meal #2

two cans tuna
two tablespoons mayonnaise
44g protein — 0g carbs — 20g fat — 380 calories

Meal #3

200g steak, fried in butter
 40g protein — 0g carbs — 20g fat — 352 calories
Supplements:  200mg 5-HTP, 1 fish oil capsule, 1g vitamin C

Meal #4

5 raw eggs
5 fluid ounces half & half
40g protein — 5g carbs — 38g fat — 545 calories
4 tsp sugarfree fiber supplement


Total Daily Macros

164g protein — 10g carbs — 116g fat — 1822 calories


My meal times, number of meals and the exact foods I eat may vary from day to day, but my macronutrients will remain the same.

In general, I eat the following in as many or as few meals as I like:
10 whole eggs
400g beef
10 fl. oz. half & half

Sometimes I substitute another food with the same macronutrients, as I did yesterday, when I substituted 200g of chopped beef with two cans of tuna and mayo.

You don’t have to drink raw eggs, you may cook them any way you like (just don’t forget to eat the yolks, too!)  I usually  drink them raw, especially in the morning before I go to the gym for a couple of reasons.  The biggest reason for me is probably that I am not a morning person, but I get up at 04:00 AM so I can be in the gym at 05:00 when it opens and I am just not in the mood to cook at that time of the day.  A few other reasons for not cooking my eggs in the morning are: cooking would take up too much time, raw (liquid) eggs are easier to digest so they won’t sit heavy in my stomach while I’m working out and I just don’t like eating cooked eggs all the time.

The reason for the half & half (50% milk & 50% cream) is that I wanted to increase my total caloric intake and, since I was already getting in 1g of protein per pound of LEAN mass, I decided to increase my fat intake.  This is the most convenient way for me to get more fat into my diet.

That’s it for today, until next time, go out there and be awesome!


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