Cutting Diet Pre-Workout Meal

Whether I’m cutting or bulking, my pre- and post-workout nutrition remains the same.  Here are the guidelines that I follow when preparing my pre-workout meal:

  • Although fasted cardio may work for some people, if you do PERFORMANCE BASED TRAINING (ie, you want to get better at what you’re training to do instead of just burning calories) then its wiser to fuel-up and have the energy to kill it in the gym.
  • Your pre-workout meal should be in liquid form and low in fat so it digests easily and quickly.
  • You should drink your pre-workout shake 20-30 minutes before actually starting to exercise.
  • You shouldn’t rely on pre-workout energy supplements, but, if you’re very tired or have to exercise early in the morning, a fat-burner and a quart of water would be better than drinking several cups of coffee.  Coffee is a natural diuretic and will dehydrate you before you workout.

Combine the following ingredients in a blender:
12 fl oz of unflavored, unsweetend almond milk
1 banana
50g whey protein (not 50g whey protein powder but the amount of protein powder necessary to provide 50g of protein)
water, as necessary to thin the mixture out enough to blend it


Macronutrient Profile:
55g protein – 43g carbohydrate – 9g fat – 450 calories

That’s it for today, until next time, go out there and be awesome!

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