Cutting Diet Post-Workout Shake

As you know, I use several different diets, depending upon my goals (fat-loss, muscle-gain, etc.) and my current lifestyle (some diets fit better into a particular day-to-day schedule than others)

This is the shake that I drink after my workouts WHEN I’M EATING CARBOHYDRATES

I say “when I’m eating carbohydrates” because, if I’m not eating carbs, I’m getting my energy from fat.  Since fat isn’t processed by the body as fast as carbs, meal timing and pre-/post-workout shakes become a lot less important on a high-fat diet.


Cutting Diet Post-Workout Shake

50g protein from whey protein powder
75g dextrose powder
5g creatine
10g glutamine
52g protein — 89g carbs — 4g fat —  600 calories

I just mix these ingredients in a shaker bottle and bring it and a bottle of water with me to the gym.  After I’m done with my interval workout, I mix it up and drink it immediately.

A post-workout shake is superior to a post-workout meal because the liquid form will allow your body to more easily and quickly absorb the nutrients.  This is important because, when you are relying on carbohydrates for energy, you need to replace the glycogen in your muscles as quickly as possible.  Otherwise, your workout the next day may suffer.

Another important reason why you should get easily digested liquid nutrients into your body after you workout is that the sugar in this shake will cause your insulin levels to rise quickly, causing an “anabolic spike” during which your body will be more able to quickly absorb protein and other nutrients.

As you can see, this shake is almost zero fat.  That’s because your body won’t particularly benefit from ingesting fat after a workout, but consuming fat would slow the absorption of the other nutrients into your blood stream.  In other words, keep your pre- and post-workout nutrition as low-fat as possible and spread your fat intake over your other meals.

Here’s a break-down of how I calculate the amount of each ingredient and the reason why I take each one:


Whey Protein

Your body needs protein to build muscle and whey protein powder is the fastest-absorbing protein source.

After your workout, you should get 0.6g per kilogram (2.2lbs) of goal bodyweight.

Since I’m currently working towards a goal weight of 175lbs, about 80kg, my post-workout protein needs are the following: 0.6 x 80kg = 48g protein, which I round up to 50g.

Be careful to get 50g of whey PROTEIN in your shake, not whey protein POWDER!

By that I mean that a serving of EAS Whey Protein weighs 39g, but only provides 26g of protein.

In other words, you would have to use double the serving size, or 78g of EAS Whey Protein POWDER to get 52g of protein.



To refill my body’s glycogen stores post-workout, I take 0.9g of simple sugar per kilogram of goal bodyweight.  In my case that would be 0.9 x 80kg = 72g simple sugar, rounded up to 75g.

Because dextrose powder is pretty much pure sugar, the calculation is easy: 1g of powder per gram of sugar needed.



Creatine will help you with high-intensity, anaerobic training, like the plyometrics, burpees and jump rope intervals that make up the bulk of my workouts.  I suggest you add 5g of creatine to your post-workout shake, regardless of your weight.

CLICK HERE to watch my video on using creatine to support high-intensity, anaerobic training.



Taking additional glutamine will help your body recover from hard workouts.  That means, if you workout on Monday and take glutamine afterwards (and possibly again at night) you will be better able to recover and train just as hard on Wednesday again.  As with creatine, the amount of glutamine you need (10g) will not change according to your body weight.

CLICK HERE to watch my video where I explain my views on the effectiveness of glutamine to prevent overtraining.

That’s it for today, until next time, go out there and be awesome!


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