Bob, what steroids?

Although I can’t always answer each and every email I get from you guys, I certainly do try to read all of them and every once in a while, I get one asking something like this:

Bob what steroids?  Give me info I’ll go to doctor and get my prescription thanks.

I’m always surprised by emails like this one, not only because I don’t take steroids, but because I never really thought I was in the kind of shape that would be considered “impossible without steroids”

Then I posted my first transformation photos and the steroid accusations came pouring in!

Now, I am very open about the fact that I started TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) about a year ago at 43 years old, but that original transformation was when I was 40 -- THREE YEARS BEFORE I STARTED TRT ! ! !

It was nothing but a solid diet and an effective training program -- no TRT and certainly no steroids!

Since then, I've added hormone replacement and gotten a lot bigger, but guess what -- I've also added weights to my routine for the first time in a decade!!!

So, if I look like I can do dips for reps with an additional 180-lbs, it's because I can!

If I look like I can do squats with well over 350-lbs and deadlifts with well over 400-lbs, it's because I can!

At the end of the day, I don't really care if someone thinks that doctor prescribed hormone replacement is "natty" or not and for anyone who thinks that poking himself in the ass with a needle will build muscle and burn fat while sitting on a sofa in his momma's basement, eating ho-ho's and watching daytime TV, all I have to say is what someone left on a video of mine as a comment: there are a lot of guys out there on a ton of steroids that still look like shit . . .

So, for those of you who want to know what I "take" to get into this shape, I'll outline it below:

-- 200mg test-cypionate / week
-- 500 IU HcG 2x / week
-- wake up at 5AM Monday-Friday and be in the gym by 6AM to do weighted calisthenics and plyometric intervals as HIIT cardio
-- wake up at 6AM Saturday and Sunday mornings to drink 2 cups of egg whites and go back to bed
-- be in the gym on Saturday morning by 9AM to do cardio and weighted abs
-- follow a perfect diet, eating a certain number of calories, most of which are from protein
-- no cheat days
-- no missed meals
-- no missed workouts
-- drink only water and maybe 1-2 cups coffee a day
So, when I'm in the gym on my twice-weekly leg days, warming up by doing 20-reps of squats with 265-lbs, even though I can actually only do 8 or 10 reps with that weight and I have to keep pausing with the weight still on my shoulders -- no racking the weight before the 20-reps are done -- and the whole "warmup set" takes about three minutes, then I go on to trap bar deadlifts for five sets of five reps, working up to two sets of five with 455-lbs and then finish off with a little light cardio -- set after set of squat-tucks and then Burpees . . .


Next time I'm done with all of that, I'll remember how easy it is to get in the shape I am because of an injection that does nothing more than bring my testosterone back up to a normal level
Until next time, train hard and diet smart!
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