Adapt your body to burn fat FAST!!!

As everyone reading this probably knows already, I am a big fan of low-carb dieting.

Once your body is adapted to burning fat for energy, instead of carbs, you can lose fat without losing muscle, gain lean muscle without gaining fat and even enjoy the many health benefits that come from the low-carb lifestyle.

BUT — that first phase, when you force your body to start burning fat for energy instead of carbs and sugar is the hardest part for most people, especially for carb-addicts like me who have to overcome an actual chemical addiction to sugar that makes the fat-adaptation process as difficult as quitting smoking.



So, here are five steps that I suggest everyone follow to get fat-adapted FAST

Eat only meat, eggs and greens — Please don’t try to get fancy during the fat-adaptation phase.  Every time I post a video, there are comments like “can I eat . . .” or “can I drink . . .”  — just eat meat and eggs and greens and don’t ask any questions or try to change anything!!!

An example of how this can be a problem is nuts.  Lots of people on low-carb / keto diets eat almonds, but they also have lots of carbs, so eating too many can cause you to easily take in too many carbs to get fat-adapted.

Later, after you are fat-adapted and have some experience eating a low-carb diet and you want to eat almonds or other nuts, then go ahead, it’s on you!  But right now, just stick to the basics!

Eat as much as you want, then eat a little more! — Like I said, the fat-adaptation process is a difficult one, especially for those who need it the most, the people who are really addicted to sugar!

So, the last thing you want to do is to make getting fat-adapted any more difficult than it has to be by restricting your fat intake or total calories.

As a matter of fact, I would much rather you eat a little too much and be a little stuffed when first eliminating carbs from your diet than eat too little and be hungry!

Drink a cup of bouillon and 1-liter of water every morning — I’ve already done videos about “the keto flu” and how I don’t believe that it exists.  I think what we call the keto flu is really just a collection of the symptoms of dehydration, resulting from reduced levels of electrolytes (especially sodium), one of the early side effects of eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.

So, to proactively counteract the keto flu before it even starts, I suggest that all of my personal training clients

drink a very strong cup of chicken bouillon every morning and follow it with a liter of water.  You see, the sodium in the bouillon enables your body to hold water and the water starts your day off right by ensuring you’re properly hydrated.

Eat a green vegetable with each meal and/or use a SUGAR-FREE fiber supplement daily — A common complaint among people starting on low-carb diets is constipation.  That is to be expected because most fiberous foods are also high in carbohydrates, so eliminating carbs tends to eliminate fiber, too.

You can and should eat a large green salad or cooked (steamed or fried in butter) greens with every meal or you can use a SUGAR-FREE fiber supplement (about 25g of fiber) every evening, before going to bed.  Personally, I suggest you do both!

Drink at least one gallon / four liters of water every day — Like I said, dehydration is the real culprit when people talk “keto flu”, so the only way to avoid it is to drink water — LOTS of water!

One gallon a day should be a bare minimum and, if you sweat because it’s hot out or you’ve been exercising, then you need to drink even more!

Until next time, train hard and diet smart!



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