Your mind is your deadliest weapon.
Don't get caught unarmed!

On any given day, thousands of men and women drive home from work, change their clothes and pay someone to teach them physical techniques that will supposedly enable them to defend themselves.

On any given weekend, in any given city, people who’ve spent huge amounts of their hard-earned money and precious free time training in they physical aspects of fighting are raped, mugged, badly beaten and even killed by untrained criminals and street fighters.


How can it be that people who have specifically studied and trained in the movements used to fight and win are so easily beaten by common street thugs and brawlers that it is actually a rarity that a strip-mall black belt wins a fight and nothing worth mentioning when a fat, untrained, beer-guzzling Hell’s Angels type easily mops the floor with a “trained killer?”

I mean seriously, let’s examine the facts:

  • The martial artist is trained in how to fight
  • The martial artist has probably spent hours sparring “under real-world conditions”
  • Most martial artists supplement their training with weight lifting and cadiovascular training

Theoretically, an untrained person would have no chance against a “trained” martial artist.

But still . . .

The sad truth is that a normal, law-abiding civilian doesn't stand a chance in a real-world confrontation against a common street thug


I’ll tell you . . .

My name is Christopher “Bob” Roberts and I am a professional trainer in all forms of armed and unarmed close-combat.

After having spent several years training military and law enforcement professionals, I opened the doors to allow civilians access to my training and was suddenly faced with a problem–

I would train people to hurt, kill and cripple an attacker and they would be completely unable to put anything that they learned to use ! !

How the hell could that be?

Those same techniques worked for me.

They worked for the cops, bouncers and soldiers that I trained.

Why the hell didn’t they work for soccer moms and businessmen?

It wasn’t because they didn’t want to learn–they had spent good money on my training!

It wasn’t because they weren’t in as good shape as my former students–some of those businessmen went to the gym in their lunch hours and were buffer than me!

I sat down with them and finally found the problem, as well as the cure–

Most civilians simply
aren't willing to fight!

Think of it like this–you’re dying of hunger and I put a three course meal in front of you and you still starve to death.


Not at all! Just like those students in that first seminar weren’t willing to fight, you might not be willing to eat and still starve, even though you have everything you need to survive!

I don’t know, maybe you feel bad for the poor cow and don’t want to be indirectly responsible for his death and won’t eat the steak.

Maybe you are afraid to eat the fish because you might choke on a bone and instead starve to death.

Maybe you don’t know which fork or spoon to use and your hesitation to just grab one and dig in is your downfall.

Well, listen to this:

Knowing how to fight is important, but it won't help a bit if your mind isn't strong enough to lead you into battle!

You see, most of those whom I’ve trained in the beginning were hard men.

Men who have hit and been hit . . .

Men who have shot and been shot at . . .

Men who have been in kill-or-be-killed situations . . .

Men who knew the importance of being able to hurt an aggressor and couldn’t wait to call me and tell me about the results.

I’ve had cops smack bad guys in vital areas that they learned from me and call me to tell me how easy it was to lay on the cuffs afterwards.

I’ve had bouncers use my windpipe manipulations to grab, drag and slam wannabe-brawlers and end fights as soon as they started stop by to tell me about how effective and easy it was.

Unfortunately, I’ve also had soccer moms learn foolproof rape defenses and tell me that “they could never do that to someone.”

I’ve had businessmen and other civilians learn to cripple the human predators that would kidnap their children and then complain to me that they “don’t want to get into trouble for using excessive force or injuring an attacker.”

I’ve done scenario training with civilians and had them freeze up, unable to fight through the fear of even 100% safe, staged situations.

I’ve been asked questions about how to get out of situations that you would never have been in in the first place if you had not been too lazy to pay attention to you surroundings.

Most bodybuilders say that successfully building muscle and burning fat is 80% nutrition and 20% physical training.

Well, I’m going to go on record here by saying that



As soon as I realized this, my students’ results increased exponentially.

And now you can get the same mental training that was previously only available to attendees of my seminars and my private training clients that will allow you to burst through any and all barriers between you and the fearless self confidence that serious criminals recognize and avoid.

Consisting of five distinct areas, I will remove every weak link in your street fighting based self defense skillset

Audio 1
Situational Awareness

  • How to train your mind so that the constant awareness of your surroundings will become second-nature so that you can NEVER BE AMBUSHED BY A CRIMINAL OR SURPRISED BY AN ATTACKER!
  • How to maintain a high level of awareness of your surroundings and possible attackers without burning out.
  • How to turn the tables on a would-be attacker and frighten him into not attacking you in the first place.
  • How to determine if it is possible to avoid an attack or if your only chance is to be ready and “come out fighting.” REGARDLESS OF WHAT MOST SUPPOSED SELF DEFENSE “EXPERTS” SAY, YOU CANNOT ALWAYS RUN AWAY FROM EVERY SITUATION WITHOUT BEING SHOT OR STABBED IN THE BACK OR CHOCKED OR BEATEN-DOWN FROM BEHIND ! !

Audio 2
Turning Fear into Aggression

Experiencing combat stress when attacked is a combination of natural and automatic mental and physical responses to danger. However, BEING AFRAID OR FREEZING IN FEAR ARE CHOICES THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO ! !

  • What the physical signs of combat stress are and how they affect your mental and physical ability to defend yourself.
  • How to apply the most practically important technique that will eliminate at least 80% of the fear that you can experience.
  • How a simple “attitude adjustment” will enable you to become fearless and strike fear into those who would attack you.

Audio 3
Mental Training of Physical Techniques

  • How to secretly practice attacking everyone you come into contact with.
  • How to eliminate the need for physical training by using various forms of mental training to practice physical techniques that will provide results that are equal or superior to physical repetition.
  • How to gain “combat experience” through mental training techniques, even if you’ve never been in a fight in your life.

Audio 4 -- BONUS
Dealing with Pain

The point of successful self defense is to survive without being injured, but, should things go wrong and you do get hurt, you can’t let “a little thing like pain” distract you from the task at hand, render you unable to continue knocking down bad guys and give your attacker(s) the chance to cause you more injuries and, in the end, even more pain.

Far from distracting you, I’ll show you a matter of fact technique that will allow you to USE PAIN TO ACTUALLY IMPROVE YOUR CONCENTRATION AND PERFORMANCE and I’ll share the very same mental training that allowed me to endure painful injuries that left me with permanent scars without making a sound or, more importantly, without disrupting me from continuing to fight and save my life!

As you can see, I’ve gone full-circle with these audios by providing you with forms of mental training that are seldom taught, but absolutely necessary to learn in order to allow you to put any physical techniques that you know into use.

Instantly download all four audio lessens for only $47

Think about the mental edge that I’ve described here and whether or not it is exactly what you’ve been looking for . . . Get these audios, get true confidence in your ability to defend yourself and remember: Train smart and watch your back! Christopher “Bob” Roberts

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