Anaerobixx is a complete training program that covers everything you need to get from wherever you are now to having the same lean, muscular physique that I have in my after photos.

What a difference four months makes

I break down each and every exercise from the easiest to the most advanced and then I lead you step-by-step through every single workout so all you need to do is press play and follow-along with me.

What is Anaerobixx?

The Anaerobixx program is a series of bodyweight-only exercises performed explosively for short, high-intensity intervals interspersed with brief periods of rest.  Due to the high-paced nature of Anaerobixx workouts, not only will a much higher total number of calories be burnt during the workout itself, but the body’s metabolic rate will remain higher for a long time after an Anaerobixx workout is completed, allowing the body to burn calories at a higher rate for the remainder of the day, even at rest.

Also, because Anaerobixx workouts tax the body’s anaerobic energy system, as opposed to slow-paced aerobic workouts, Anaerobixx workouts will not only maintain, but also drastically increase strength and lean muscle mass, sculpting a more muscular and aesthetic body and increasing athletic performance as well.

  • q-iconDon’t I need weights to increase muscle mass?

    You don’t need weights to increase muscle mass, you need “resistance” and the Anaerobixx program shows you how to create progressively greater levels of resistance by moving your body in progressively more difficult ways.  Also, because every Anaerobixx exercise is explosive, you are working against the added resistance of static inertia.

  • q-iconWhat about cardio?

    Anaerobixx workouts are based on all-out intervals of maximum effort that force your body to exert huge amounts of energy in a short time, then to recover quickly, which taxes your muscular as well as your cardiovascular systems simotaneously.  This approach makes traditional cardio workouts not only unnecessary, but also counterproductive, as the “slow and steady” approach to endurance training teaches your body to move slow and steady as well.

  • q-iconI want a six pack like you’ve got, don’t I need to workout my abs directly?

    If you want to get a six pack like me, you don’t need to work your abs directly, you just need to get as lean as I am.  The biggest reason why more people don’t have visible abs is that their abdominal muscles are hidden under several layers of fat.  Also, because the Anaerobixx program requires you to move your entire body as a unit, every upper- and lower-body exercise and even jumping rope will either directly work your abs or indirectly work them by requiring you to maintain core stability.

  • q-iconHow often do I need to workout?

    The Anaerobixx program is three days per week of explosive bodyweight intervals with two days of optional (but strongly recommended) jump rope intervals.  You’re not only “allowed” to take weekends off, you’re REQUIRED to rest on two consecutive days every week to give your body and mind the time it needs to fully recover from your workouts.

  • q-iconHow long are the workouts?

    The Anaerobixx program is progressive in nature, so you will start out with less volume (sets and repitions) and then increase the volume, but only up to a certain point.  After your first month on the Anaerobixx program, you will be completing the full number of sets which will be less than an hour for the three Anaerobixx workouts and less than a half hour for the two jump rope interval workouts.  After that you will increase the intensity of the workouts by performing progressively more difficult exercises.

  • q-iconDo I need to join a gym?

    You can join a gym if you want, but you can get exactly the same results from the Anaerobixx program if you do the workouts in a hotel room, dorm room, living room or board room.  Once again, you don’t need any weights, machines or other equipment to get the best workout of your life with Anaerobixx — all you need is a little space on the floor and the will to get into your best shape ever.

You’ll increase your muscular strength, your cardiovascular endurance and melt fat in one efficient, combined workout program — all without having to spend any money on expensive gym memberships, worthless home exercise equipment or even having to drive anywhere to workout!

Your home is your gym, the floor is your exercise equipment and the walk to your living room is your commute to the gym!

Here's what you get in this complete training system

  • Anaerobixx Exercise Progressions -- Upper Body (video)

    A powerful chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms, not to mention the ultimate achievement of fitness, the sixpack stomach, you’ll have it all after you master the exercises in this video. Whether you’re a beginner who has never exercised before or a seasoned pro who is ready to challenge himself with the most difficult exercises possible, these explosive upper body exercises will build anyone’s fitness level.

  • Anaerobixx Exercise Progressions -- Lower Body (video)

    Increase your vertical jump, generate more power to push off the ground and through your opponent, not to mention to just have rock-hard muscular thighs, calves and hips. These exercises will give you a well-developed lower body that is not only the base of your power as an athlete, but also the sign of someone who doesn’t just look strong, but is strong as well.

  • Anaerobixx Exercise Progressions -- Extreme Burpee Intervals (video)

    Burpees are hands-down THE absolute most gruleling exercise known to man — PERIOD! However, burpee intervals are also the most effective and efficient workouts ever for building lean muscle, developing total-body strength and elite-level cardiovascular conditioning. You’ve got to pay the cost to be the boss and burpee intervals are the fastest way to get there!

  • The Complete Anaerobixx Program -- Every Anaerobixx Workout to Follow-Along With (video)

    I don’t care what kind of shape you think you’re in, nobody is going to be able to just jump in and start doing the most advanced Anaerobixx workouts.  I’ve seen a lot of guys try and none of them have succeeded. At the heart of the Anaerobixx program are the workouts and this section shows me demonstrating all eight levels of the Anaerobixx program in their full-length!

  • The Anaerobixx Cardio Workout -- High-Intensity Jump Rope Intervals (video)

    When it comes to building endurance in the heart and lungs, nothing beats jumping rope and the high-intensity design of the interval structure will have you pushing yourself harder and recovering quicker than ever before. Performed twice a week, these fat-burning and sweat-drenching workouts are the main reason why I went from being able to see my fat rolls through my shirt to being able to see my sixpack through my t-shirt!

  • The Anaerobixx Program Workbook (e-book)

    The Anaerobixx program workbook is a complete transcript of all Anaerobixx videos, including all exercises and where they are explained in the exercise demonstration videos, a written description of every phase of the Anaerobixx workout that you can print out and use as a workout journal, tips and tricks to get the most out of the Anaerobixx program and more!

Thats 120 days of daily training from a physique-transformation expert for less than the cost of a single, one-hour consultation with a personal trainer!

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Should you ever have any questions, comments or problems at all, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at: Bob ( at ) Anaerobixx .com