3 tips to immediately look more muscular

Fitness experts say that you have to put time into your diet and training and that results come slowly.

While that’s very true, its also true that there are a few simple things that you can do to present your physique in the best possible way to immediately look much more muscular.

Think of your body like a raw, uncut diamond.  Even after years and years of being formed by nature, a diamond is not very impressive at all when it is first taken from the ground.

However, after just a few hours, a skilled jeweler can cut and polish a diamond so that the work that was done over a period of many years is finally presented in the best way possible.

Here are three tips that you can implement immediately to look your best:


Tip #1
Get a tan!

I look much fitter and more muscular on the left because I had a good tan, although I was actually in better shape on the right

If you look at the picture on the left, you'll probably think that I look pretty good.

If you look at the picture on the right, you'll probably think that I look like I'm in shape, but most people don't tell me that I look "good" in the picture on the right.

Although the picture on the left was taken about a month before the one on the right, which means that I had been training longer and was in better shape on the right, women still think that I look more attractive on the left and guys still think I look more aesthetic on the left.

Why is that?  Because I have a better tan in that picture!

You see, the darker your skin, the more details of your muscles are visible.  That's the reason why bodybuilders always tan before a competition and then, on the day of the contest, they apply a coat of very dark makeup.


Tip #2
Get a shave!

I'm not a very hairy guy, but I do have a lot of hair on my legs.

A while ago I decided to shave my legs and was surprised at how cut and muscular my calves were.

You see, I knew that I always had muscular calves, but because they were covered with such thick, dark hair, I couldn't really see how good they looked until I shaved them!

Needless to say, any bodybuilder or fitness model not only gets a good, even tan, but shaves his entire body before he tans.

It just doesn't make any sense to train and diet to get a sixpack or striations in your chest and leave the results of your hard work covered under a layer of fur.


Tip #3
Stand up straight!

The third way to immediately look a lot more muscular is to present yourself well.

When I was living in Germany, a famous German actress posed in a bikini for a newspaper, which was very daring, because she was over 60 years old.

She was in top physical condition, tanned and had perfect makeup and hair styling.

She could have looked wonderful, better than most women one-third her age, BUT she had a lousy photographer who put her in very unappealing poses!

I remember one photo in particular, where she was crouched down and her stomach looked terrible.  Now, like I said, she was in terrific shape, but any woman in the world will have skin folds and wrinkles on her stomach if she slouches down like that -- I don't care how low her bodyfat is!

What she should have done is stand up straight and turn or twist her torso to extend her body even more.

Training and diet will get you far, but after you're in shape, you still need to present yourself well:
--stand up straight, don't droop, lean or slouch
--keep polite and confident eye contact when you're talking to someone
--wear form-fitting clothes or tapered shirts that aren't skin-tight, but don't just hang like a burlap bag, either

That’s it for today, until next time, go out there and be awesome!


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